Senior living community in Cadillac has current events


There’s always a fun activity to get involved with while you’re here! From social events, to arts and crafts, to guest speakers or group outings, our activities director keeps the daily schedule full of entertaining opportunities. We encourage everyone to participate in as many of the fun activities as they like! 

We offer programs for residents, families and, senior living professionals. You can browse our events calendar for a look at the upcoming schedule of special events and learn more about what our community has to offer!

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Resident Spotlight - Jean B.

When I was in elementary school I was on the softball team. There was an All-Star Game in which my teacher picked the best of us to play. I was chosen to play second base.

During the game the other team had runners on first and second base. The next batter really smacked the ball hard, but I jumped as high as I could and grabbed it! After I caught the ball, I came down on the little girl who was running from first to second base and got her out. Then the other girl running from second to third base realized she had to go back to second base because you can't run on a fly ball until after it's caught. I got her out before she got back. So it turned out to be an unassisted triple play!

As it happens, the teacher that coached for that game is still alive and celebrated his 100th birthday!

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Senior living in Cadillac are celebrating with cake

"We have special holiday programs: Valentines, Birthdays, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. And special programs they surprise us with."

- Maggie